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Creeping Assault Creeping Assault

Rated 5 / 5 stars

that was sweeet!

Could u help me? I have a new flash, its really nicely animated and everything just needs music. Yours is like the perfect one and I was wondering why when I tried to download it, it said "audio portal is temporarily disabled due to scripts being written on the page" it has said this for a very long time and my flash needs music. Do u know why it would be doing this?

tedJohnston responds:

hey, i'm glad you like the song! portal downloads have been disabled for quite a while now, and no one knows when it'll be fixed. there are approximately one-million three-hundred and thirty-two threads on this very issue (i just made up that number...), so please try to research a bit next time.

i have fixed a couple issues on the song since i posted it, so next time you want a song for a submission, instead of just trying to download it and everything yourself, email the artist. i could then send you the updated version, but you could just credit this one on your submission. anyways, just email me if you want the song.

thanks for reviewing! cheers an g'day.

-Ted Johnston